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Latest: In April 2016 I'll be participating in a local library author event.
For past such events, and likely for future ones, more timely information will be on my RLB (also Rlb) Hartmann profile pages.
Had a booth at the local library's Taste of Culture event on May 3, 2014, where I displayed the complete saga, Floyd and the Traveling Yard Sale, Strong Coffee, and IRWCB.
Two other tables full of paintings I had done over the last years drew some attention and there were sales! Saw a number of friends, readers, and artists, and am happy to report that aside from a fitful and sometimes brisk wind, the day was a success.

Winners' stories appear in print volumes.  Mine will be in volumes 4, 5, and 6. Check out the site to see when they are available and how to order.

In 2015, my entry "A Brush with the Indians" also won first place. Three of three; not bad.
"First Night on the Job" won the September 2014 competition.
My short story "Laramie Gambler" won first place in the October 2013 competition at

Thanks to all who have voted my stories # 1


I was selected by my writer colleague, Sherry (Between the Lines) to receive the
SUNSHINE AWARD, an unexpected honor which I was pleased to accept.

10 questions, my answers

Favorite Color: October's Carolina Blue sky
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Number: 9
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: vanilla flavored almond milk/strong coffee (tie)
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Duplin Cellars scuppernong and muscadine
Facebook or Twitter: both
Passions: book sales, reading, writing, painting
Giving or Receiving Gifts: both
Favorite City: wherever I am
Favorite TV Shows: PBS (except politics)

My 10 Nominees

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